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Versatile vertical balers

Our full range of strong and reliable semi-automatic vertical balers meet the needs for efficient waste handling in many different application areas. The smallest members of the baler family take care of low volumes of packaging material at convenience stores and other small businesses, while our heavy-duty high capacity balers compact huge volumes of material and produce dense 500 kg bales! Numerous adaptations are available.

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The bales are tied manually from the front and it is simple to do and easy to learn. We supply consumbles for bale binding, steel wires and plastic straps, for all models in the range.

Advantages for you :

  • Save time ! Compacting at source, minimizes the time spent on waste handling.
  • Gain space ! Dense bales take up much less floor space.
  • Optimize logistics ! Compact bales reduce your transportation costs and the
    dimensions of our bales are optimal for loading the truck.
  • From waste to value ! Sorted and compacted recyclables are valuable and can
    be sold to the collector.
  • Enhance safety ! Storing material in compacted form limits potential
    fire hazards.

Optimized for :

Paper, cardboard, cans, bottles, PET/PEHD, wooden crates and other packaging material.

Principal users :

Convenience stores, small businesses, supermarkets, megastores, shopping centers, manufacturing industries, logistics and recycling centers and waste managers.

PRESS FORCE: 10-52 ton        BALE WEIGHT: (cardboard) up to 70 – 500 kg

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