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Horizontal balers : Automatic solutions for continuous output of mill size bales

Fully automated horizontal balers meet the challenges presented by centralized and large-scale waste handling in many businesses that produce large volumes of recyclable paper-based and plastic packaging material. Our balers quickly minimize the waste material in a cost-effective way to help you improve internal logistics. The baling process is completely automated even though it is possible to run the horisontal balers in a manual mode. LOGIDIS Le REHEU - SAPHIR 600 AT 2   Recycle. Reuse Our reliable systems are designed for continuous infeed and automatic vertical or horizontal strapping with adjustable wire links for optimal output. The mill size bales can be sold directly to paper and plastic processing industries. A wide choice of feed systems is available: manual, bin, air-transport and conveyor belt. The balers can also easily be equipped with shredders, bottle presses, rufflers, strippers and different types of hoppers. We are here to inform you if you have any questions !

Optimized for :

The horizontal line is optimized for paper, cardboard, platstic film, PET, metal and aluminum cans. The large models also deal effectively with tough material such as wooden crates.

Principal users :

Shopping centers, supermarkets, megastores, department stores, manufacturing industries, graphic industry, printers, warehouses, logistic centers, recyclers and small municipalities. Horizontal movie youtube Watch our horizontal balers at work!