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SACRIA company pursues its commitment to serve its clients despite the constraints caused by the COVID19 health crisis. Deliveries as well as installations of machines all over the world were and are being carried out, of course, in compliance with the imposed health measures. SACRIA owes this continuity of activities and services to its team, from the production staff and storekeepers, the purchasing department, the research and design department, the quality department, to the export team, as well as the local representatives. Each one participated and adapted to the current situation.

Discover here-after SACRIA’s latest installation of horizontal balers in the four continents.

1/ AFRICA – Tunisia

Installation of one SAPHIR-15-AT, a horizontal baler equipped with a suction system, in Tunisia. The client is one of the largest Tunisian printing companies engaged in the manufacture of school books for the whole continent of Africa.

With a 15-ton capacity and fully automated, SAPHIR-15-AT provides effective compaction where space is limited. Automatic tying and non-stop balling, allows this baler to perform multi-shift operation. This baler can be delivered/packed in 3 parts to facilitate transportation.

2/ EUROPE – England

In England, to process the cardboards used in the packaging and transport of fruits for mass distribution, one 500-AT 22kW horizontal baler was installed. It was fitted with an indoor conveyor for waste transport.

In companies and organization, where huge volumes of wastes are produced, this 50-ton capacity fully automated horizontal baler meets the clients’ expectations.

3/ ASIA – Vietnam

In the month of May, a SAPHIR 500 horizontal baler was installed in Vietnam. The client, a huge cotton mill, called upon our compaction know-how management.

SACRIA’s fully automated 50-ton horizontal baler offers its compact dimension in space-limited environments. It is designed to process huge volumes of waste, from 1 to 4 tons per hour depending on the material.

4/ OCEANIA – Australia

Last but not the least, SACRIA managed the delivery and installation of a SAPHIR 500SAT baler in Australia. The client is a factory whose main activity is cardboard packaging.