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Products - Balers, compactors, shredder

Sacria offers a wide range of high quality balers, compactors, shredder, with a choice among a variety of models of different capacities. There are many options and solutions to customize the equipment according to your activity. Compactors save time and manage waste very easily. Put your waste in our machines and focus on your activities. The compactor does the work for you !


Discover below all the equipment designed by Sacria to efficiently manage your waste. Whatever the material, whether simple (paper, cardboard, flexible plastic) or complex (PET, aluminum cans), and whatever the volume produced, we have a solution to offer you thanks to our versatile machines. Our equipment adapts to you according to your requests. Indeed, we can customize our machines, in particular by adding various options (container lifter, conveyor, different types of hoppers etc.)


+ A more productive activity thanks to our automated machines.

+ Optimized internal and external logistics: reduction of transport costs, space-saving

+ More profitable waste management: resale of the raw material

+ An improved working environment thanks to a better hygiene and more safety (reduction of fire risks)

If you have a project, don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can discuss it together.

  • Vertical balers

    SAM semi-automatic vertical balers for compaction and baling of low to vast volumes of packaging material. Bale weight in the range 40-500 kg.

  • presse à balles SAPHIR 500

    SAPHIR fully automated horizontal balers meet the challenge presented by centralized waste handling and provide an extensive choice of feed systems and the selection between automatic vertical or horizontal tying of the bales.

  • Compactors

    A comprehensive range of fully automated mobile and stationary compactors that come in numerous sizes and with a variety of capacity levels. We also offer a special application for humid/bio waste and our heavy-duty crusher “The Gladiator” for wood crate compaction.

  • broyeur industriel


    The Rhinocerous is a strong and robust shredder that reduces the waste volume by up to 90 %! It deals effectively with cardboard boxes, crates, metal cans, glass, china and general mixed waste in professional kitchens, restaurants and hospitals.