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Pendulum compactors , it’s a line of fully automated mobile compactors are liquid tight and especially designed for wet and organic waste. They are easy to relocate and they take up about the same space as a standard container, yet provide powerful compaction and can hold up to 6 times more material.

Features :

  • Liquid tight design
  • Small footprint
  • Compatible with collection vehicles from most manufacturers. 
  • Easy to connect with other existing loading equipment.  
  • Strong, robust design and construction for a long service life.
  • Equipped with hour counter and electric oil level sensor.
  • Complies with standards currently in force (CE, AFNOR and INRS).      
  • Numerous adaptions available and can be customized to your requirements.

Optimized for :  

Semi-wet, wet and organic waste.

Principal users :

Megastores, supermarkets, shopping malls, market places, hospitals, restaurants, agricultural or food industries.

CONTAINER VOLUME: 15-20 m3        PRESS FORCE: 30 ton

  • SCGT 15-18-20

    The SCGT compactors are a hygienic and ideal solution for wet and organic waste from restaurants, professional kitchens, supermarkets, hospitals and institutions. The liquid tight design is leak-proof, the compactor is equipped with a pendulum ram and there is no contact between the waste and machine parts such as the cylinders, couplings and hoses.

    These compactors are as standard feature equipped with a safety locking system on the back door as well as an indicator light showing when the bin is  ¾  full. Numerous options are available: hoppers, bin lifter, remote control, ozone generator, cooling and heating systems and the RAL color of your choice.