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Our stronger compactor : The Gladiator

“The Gladiator” is our heavy-duty application for the toughest challenges, where traditional compaction methods fail. The Gladiator crushes and compacts waste effectively by a rolling movement in open containers for maximum volume reduction.

Numerous adaptations are available to customize the solution to your needs.

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Watch a movie of “The Gladiator” in action!

Optimized for:

It effectively crushes wooden pallets, PET and huge volumes of cardboard.

Capacity per type of material:

Wooden pallets: up to 9
Mixed waste: up to 8 t
Green waste: up to 7 t
Cardboard: up to 6 t

Principal users:

Megastores, supermarkets, commercial centers, manufacturing industries and recycling centers.

CAPACITY: 150-300 kg/m3


  • Gladiator

    “The Gladiator”crushes wood and huge volumes of cardboard.
    Motor: 7.5 kW