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Mobile and stationary compactors

Sacria offers you a comprehensive range of high quality mobile and stationary compactors, where you can choose from a variety of models in numerous sizes and with different capacity levels. There are also plenty of infeed options and special customized solutions to meet the unique requirements in your business. The automated compactors are time-saving and make waste management very simple and convenient. Dispose of the waste and walk away. The compactor does the job for you!

You can discover below the different existing categories of compactors and their specificities. If you need any informations, we are here to inform you.

  • compacteur dechet

    Mobile compactors

    Our mobile compactors take up about the same space as a standard container but can hold up to 6 times more volume. They are transportable and easy to relocate within your premises.

  • Pendulum compactors

    Special application designed for wet and organic waste. It has a tight liquid-proof design to prevent leakage and there is no contact between the waste and vital components such as the cylinders and hoses.

  • Stationary compactors

    The stationary compactors are developed for really large volumes, and the generous infeed enables continuous loading of material while the machine is in operation. There is a fixed installation of the compacting device while the container is disconnected when emptying it.

  • Gladiator

    “The Gladiator” is the real heavy-duty option in the range and it masters the toughest challenges, where traditional compaction methods fail. With a rolling movement, it crushes wood and huge volumes of cardboard.