Screw compactors



Weight roller compaction:
1 800 kg

Engine power:
9 kilowatts or 7.5 kilowatts

Our screw compactor are particularily adapt to treat large volume of carton, wood and quantity problems.

Reducing the volume of your waste enables you to gain considerable space.

The great capacity of the screw compactor and its compact conception allows it to be easily integrated to the production line in order to limit handling.

Principal users:

Megastores, supermarkets, commercial centres, industries, service providers, etc.

Numerous adaptations are available. Please contact us for a personalized study.

Our equipment is conform to standards currently in force (CE, AFNOR and INRS).

Material           Density (1)

Carton 250 kg/m3

PET bottles without deformer 150 kg/m3

PET bottles with deformer      200 kg/m3

Plastic film      200 kg/m3

Pallets, wood    200 kg/m3

Garbage            300 kg/m3

(1) Data for 30 m3 container


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